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- Entertainment Internship on the Spanish Coast 2020 - Accommodation + meals

Inspired by a commitment to excellence, our collaborator is a famous hotel chain currently looking for motivated individuals to join their anima(on team, helping them
with different anima(on ac(vi(es, social events, and other touristic activities! The mission of their team is to create unforgettable memories for their guests with a
constant creative approach.
You will closely collaborate with the entertainment team and support the event managers.
They need lively entertainers with loads of energy and a great team spirit for this position; you don't need to have experience to apply for this position but
you definitely need to be an active and friendly person.
If you like interacting with people of all ages and being on stage then this is your big chance!
· Sports activities: you will be participating in sports activities like football, volleyball, or swimming competitions.
· Recreational activities: your outgoing personality will encourage our guests to participate in activities like dancing, crafts, games and a lot more!
You will also perform in some shows with the animation team.
· Public Relations and cultural activities: One of your tasks will also be taking responsibility for cultural activities (1 - 2 hrs/week).
· Supporting the entertainment department: teamwork is a must. As part of the entertainment hospitality department, you will be collaborating with your
colleagues and helping them with their daily tasks.

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