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Project assistant of modern intelligent automated logistics system

Chengdu Pan Da Culture Commnications Ltd / Asia Internship

Host Company Profile
The host company specialises in modern intelligent automated logistics system. Its products include automated storage and retrieve system, electronic tag picking system DPS (Digital Picking System), automatic guided vehicle system AGV (Automated Guided Vehicle), automatic container (Automation Count). There company creates a new production model for customers in the information age and helps them to achieve a leap in productivity.

•Record detailed information from client meetings to assist in the accurate facilitation of the design process, and to help eliminate any unforeseen or future client discrepancies with the end product
•Develop company specific processes and hierarchal structure that collectively worked with specific engineering and design software in relation to sales orders and part number structure
•Provide detailed drawings and presentation graphics for both client and in house projects
•Reverse engineered multiple products through the use of digitization to facilitate the accurate design and reproduction of various patterns and three dimensional objects
•Develop cost effective prototypes for initial testing and simulation

• Great opportunity of working in China and gaining international working experience
• Monthly Cultural and social networking activities
• Reference Letter from Host Company and Completion Certificate upon completion
• Full-time job opportunities
• Visa assistance

This opportunity require participation fee.
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You will be expected to receive the following services:
• Visa Assistance - We provide invitation letter
• Pre-departure Package
• Airport Pick-up
• Accommodation - private bedroom in a shared accommodation
• City tour
• Welcome dinner
• Welcome Pack(local sim card, Travel Card, City Map ect)
• Life & Travel suggestions
• Possible stipend at work
• Regular monthly networking events
• Cultural activities
• 24/7 support
• Completion certificate & Reference letter
• Full-time job recommendations

To Apply
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