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IT Intern

Rulex Innovation Labs S.r.l.

The Intern:
• Delivers, tags, and assists in the configuration of end-user PC desktop hardware, software and peripheral equipment.
• Executes PC retirement process for End-of-Life computer equipment
• Organizes PC Stock room
• Identifies, diagnoses and resolves Level I problems for users of personal computer software and hardware, the internet and communicates solutions to end users
• Support Rulex’s safety culture by following safety and security policies, considering safety in every action and reporting safety and security concerns.
• Perform other duties as required and/or assigned.

Rulex is a leading technology company specialized in no-code software for data preparation, machine learning, and optimization.
Our mission is to help people and organizations take the best possible decisions by seamlessly combining transparent data-driven knowledge with human expertise. We have worked hard to build a unique platform that can be used by anyone from a standard laptop, without writing a line of code. Since 2014, our team, together with an extensive network of partners, has helped clients from all over the world improve operational and decision-making processes by using data-driven insight.
Our ultimate goal is to build a world where data work for you. A world where modern technology makes life easier, by helping people face everyday problems and long-term challenges.