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Junior IT Specialist

Rulex Innovation Labs Srl

Rulex is a leading technology company specialized in no-code software for data preparation, machine learning, and optimization.
Our mission is to help people and organizations take the best possible decisions by seamlessly combining transparent data-driven knowledge with human expertise. We have worked hard to build a unique platform that can be used by anyone from a standard laptop, without writing a line of code. Since 2014, our team, together with an extensive network of partners, has helped clients from all over the world improve operational and decision-making processes by using data-driven insight.
Our ultimate goal is to build a world where data work for you. A world where modern technology makes life easier, by helping people face everyday problems and long-term challenges.
Our project
Rulex is looking for a new motivated and talented Junior IT Specialist to join our team. If you are looking for an inclusive, smart, and empowering working environment, Rulex is the right place for you. You will be working with genuine people, surrounded by a learning-oriented culture, where you can develop your skills and grow personally and professionally.
Rulex: people, data, decisions. An enthusiastic and young group of professionals: collaboration is our everyday strategy to produce great products and tackle new challenges. We encourage a research-focused environment to further people’s professional career and improve personal growth. Our employees benefit from a wide range of health and wellness programs, flexible working policy, competitive pay, welfare scheme, and cultural exchange projects.
• Plan, design, develop, and test software systems, applications and architectures for software enhancements and new products.
• Help define the future of and contribute directly to Rulex infrastructure.
• Help us define how to monitor the availability and provide a holistic view of Rulex system health.
• Measure and optimize system performance in service of providing a top-notch customer experience.
• Conduct release planning aligned with Sprint goals.
• Establish industry standard change control processes and propose areas of improvements.
• Setup and maintain internal tools – JIRA, Confluence, Azure DevOps, SharePoint, git repos.
• Utilize the enterprise helpdesk system to respond to and close helpdesk tickets in a timely manner while maintaining a professional and friendly demeanour.
• Manage Azure Active Directory and the new and terminated employee process, including but not limited to, adding users, disabling users, resetting user passwords, changing user permissions.

Rulex provides proprietary machine learning software to large enterprises in various industries around the world. Rulex is a small, rapidly growing company with headquarters in Boston, Massachusetts and research and development labs in Genoa, Italy.